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June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, and a great time to evaluate the safety of your warehouse.  Warmer weather often brings more activity, open dock doors, and people on vacation, with other less familiar with the job filling in. The warehousing

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Common Forklift OSHA Violations

There are many OSHA regulations to follow when using any powered industrial trucks, commonly called forklifts or lift trucks, in the workplace.  Here are several common areas of OSHA compliance: Certified Operators: All forklift operators must be trained and certified. Battery

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10 Lift Truck Accidents a Professional Lift Truck Operator Should Know & Avoid

1. HITTING CO-WORKERS WITH A LIFT TRUCK: Other workers often walk in front of or alongside a moving truck; always watch out for pedestrians. Sound your horn at intersections or when entering blind aisles. 2. HITTING CO-WORKERS WITH A LOAD:

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Forklift Operator Training

OSHA requires that all persons who have the occasion to use any powered (Battery or Internal Combustion Engine) materials handling equipment must be certified before they can use this type of equipment and then recertified at least every three (3)

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