Online Fleet Management: Customer Service History

Online Fleet Management Header.jpgEquipment Maintenance Reporting system AKA the Customer Service History system is one of the three systems Yes Equipment & Services offers to manage your fleet. The Customer Service History system allows you to manage your fleet maintenance.


  • Request service online, anytime, even after hours.
  • Track the service history of every unit in your fleet.
  • Track how much you are spending, per unit, department, location, or overall, and how frequently we are servicing your units.
  • View, chart, and download service history trends, budgets, and replacement costs for your whole fleet, by site, department, or for individual units.

Customer Service History System Main PageCSH-FEATURES-2.jpg

A. Sort equipment list by clicking on the tabs. Can sort by unit number, equipment, asset number, make, model, serial number, date of last maintenance, and department.

B. Request service on a specific unit.

C. Graph service history and cost of individual unit.

D. Correct or add data on an individual unit. Can adjust asset & equipment ID, department, maintenance cycle, monthly maintenance budget, lease rate, replacement cost, and notes.

E. Filter equipment list. Can narrow by any of the fields shown.

F. Print service history for the complete equipment list or filtered list.

G. Graph previous month activity for entire equipment list or filtered list.

H. Graph preventative maintenance activity for entire fleet or filtered list.

I. Graph service history and costs for entire fleet.

J. Download service history of the entire fleet to an Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis.
The Customer Service History system provides your company with the tools to efficiently manage your fleet maintenance and control your spending.  With Yes Equipment & Services, you’ll always know what your cost per hour of run time is for your equipment!
Contact us for a live demo or more info! 

Yes Equipment & Services, a forklift company with locations in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.

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