Today is National Forklift Safety Day!

National Forklift Safety Day
National Forklift Safety Day is a great reminder to review all forklift safety and training policies and procedures, to make sure your operators and workers are safe in and around forklifts. Here are some safety tips to help decrease forklift fatalities and injuries.

  • Train, evaluate, and certify all operators to ensure they can operate forklifts safely. Wear the correct work clothes and protective gear.
  • Examine the forklift before using for any hazardous conditions that would make it unsafe to operate. Lockout forklift and do not use if hazardous conditions exist.
  • Fasten seat belt before operating the forklift.
  • Operate at a safe speed appropriate for the environment. Observe the work site rules and operate the forklift safely.
  • Don’t drive over hazards, such as pieces of wood on the floor. The load could shift or the operator could lose control.
  • Don’t carry unstable loads. Stack the load safely and properly, using prevention measures such as ropes or binders if needed. Use undamaged pallets or skids that can withstand the load weight.
  • Don’t use fork tips to raise a heavy load or push or pull a load.
  • Use a helper in narrow spaces, and follow the helper’s signals.
  • If your view is obstructed, stop, look left and right, and sound horn before proceeding.
  • Keep forks low, no higher than a foot off the ground, and never travel or turn with the forks elevated or tilted forward.
  • If load obstructs your view, have a helper spot you.  Drive carefully when backing up.
  • Only one person should ride in the operator compartment, never on the forks or anywhere else on the forklift.
  • Don’t place hands, feet, or any body part on the mast.  It will be severed if the mast is lowered while you are in it.
  • Travel slowly when turning. Never turn with the mast raised.
  • Watch the height of the upper part of the forklift when entering or exiting docks, doorways, and buildings.
  • Don’t travel with a load that exceeds the forklift’s lifting capacity.

The most important tip is to make sure your operators are all trained and certified to operate forklifts safely.  Proper training can reduce injuries and save lives!

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See some tips and recaps from 2014 National Forklift Safety Day: 2014 NFSD



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