10 Lift Truck Accidents a Professional Lift Truck Operator Should Know & Avoid

1. HITTING CO-WORKERS WITH A LIFT TRUCK: Other workers often walk in front of or alongside a moving truck; always watch out for pedestrians. Sound your horn at intersections or when entering blind aisles.

2. HITTING CO-WORKERS WITH A LOAD: Workers may stand in front or alongside a lift truck. If a load shifts, or objects slip off the forks, they can be injured. Tell them to step away.


3. CO-WORKERS INJURED BY A FALLING OBJECT: Keep other workers a safe distance from your lift truck when lifting or lowering a load.

4. OPERATORS INJURED BY A FALLING OBJECT: When lifting or stacking a load, objects sometimes shift or tilt. Never operate a truck without an overhead guard. Always keep your head, hands, arms, and legs inside the operator compartment.


5. INJURED BY THE MAST: Never put your hand or any part of your body through the mast structure. It’s especially dangerous when the mast is raised or hung up on a rack.

6. FALLING OR SLIPPING WHEN GETTING ON OR OFF THE LIFT TRUCK: Familiarize yourself with the operator’s compartment; be careful stepping on or off your lift truck.


7. COLLISIONS WITH OTHER LIFT TRUCKS OR VEHICLES: Always obey traffic rules in your facility. Drive slowly and do not pass. Think ahead.


8. FALL OFF LOADING DOCKS: Accidents happen on loading docks because operators get too close to the edge of the dock. Accidents also happen because operators forget to chock the wheels of the trailer, make sure the trailer brakes are set, and fail to perform other safety precautions. Never cut corners on loading docks.

9. HIT OBJECTS WHILE DRIVING: Check clearances. Watch out for pipes, wires, fans, and overhanging fixtures. Keep your hands and feet inside the operator compartment at all times.


10. TIP-OVERS: Maintain lift truck stability at all times. A professional operator makes sure the load is always balanced and the forks are set as wide apart as possible when carrying a load. Never turn on a ramp. In case of tip-over on a sit-down counterbalance lift truck, DO NOT JUMP! Follow the proper procedures for a tip-over situation.


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