Forklift Operator Training

Operator Training

OSHA requires that all persons who have the occasion to use any powered (Battery or Internal Combustion Engine) materials handling equipment must be certified before they can use this type of equipment and then recertified at least every three (3) years thereafter. Additional training is required if any person has an accident or is observed to operate this equipment in an unsafe manner. OSHA has levied substantial fines for companies that fail to train operators, fail to perform the required inspections for each shift, and for failing to document that training and inspections have been performed.

So besides the obvious OSHA regulations and fines, why else would you want to have operator training? How about the fact that well-trained operators will have fewer accidents than an untrained operator? That means less downtime for forklift repair, less cost for repairing the forklift and any racking, packaging, products, and any other materials, plus your operators will be safer and have a much lower chance of injury.

If you or one of your employees are interested in operator training visit our site to see training dates or contact us today.


Yes Equipment & Services, a forklift company with locations in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL.

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