Online Fleet Management: Wireless Asset Management

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The Wireless Asset Management System is the third of the three systems Yes Equipment & Services offers to manage your fleet. The Wireless Asset Management System allows you to manage your fleet usage.

The Wireless Asset Management system monitors each unit through its runtime. With this system, you can drive fleet efficiency, improve operator performance, save energy, and lower your overall fleet costs.


  • Optimize Productivity: Know what your trucks are doing. Track data and run reports on utilization and application, which will help you right size your fleet and use your lift trucks to their full potential.
  • Protect Your Assets: Promote operator confidence and performance. Know and control operator abuse, neglect, and unauthorized use of your lift truck fleet.
  • Manage Cost: See your total cost of operations. Reports will increase your knowledge of actual truck utilization and costs.

View customizable reports and dashboards online, anytime. Our YES Wireless Asset Management specialist will work with your company to make sure the system is calibrated correctly, and that you have the reports you need and that you understand them. He’s always available for questions or tweaks to your system.YALE-VISION-REPORTS2.jpg

Installing is a snap, with easy retrofit kits for existing trucks, to accommodate your entire fleet.


We offer 3 levels of management. Pick the one that fits your fleet.


Contact us for a live demo or more info! 

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Online Fleet Management: Open Invoice System

Online Fleet Management Header.jpgThe Open Invoice System is the second of the three systems Yes Equipment & Services offers to manage your fleet. The Open Invoice System allows you to manage your invoices, online, anytime.


  • View, print, or download your statements.
  • View and print rental, service, and equipment invoices.
  • View and print the actual service work orders completed by the technician and signed by your company that are associated with your service invoice.
  • Send a message to YES about a specific invoice or set of invoices.
  • Set up automated emails to notify you of new and overdue invoices.
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Contact us for a live demo or more info! 

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Online Fleet Management: Customer Service History

Online Fleet Management Header.jpgEquipment Maintenance Reporting system AKA the Customer Service History system is one of the three systems Yes Equipment & Services offers to manage your fleet. The Customer Service History system allows you to manage your fleet maintenance.


  • Request service online, anytime, even after hours.
  • Track the service history of every unit in your fleet.
  • Track how much you are spending, per unit, department, location, or overall, and how frequently we are servicing your units.
  • View, chart, and download service history trends, budgets, and replacement costs for your whole fleet, by site, department, or for individual units.

Customer Service History System Main PageCSH-FEATURES-2.jpg

A. Sort equipment list by clicking on the tabs. Can sort by unit number, equipment, asset number, make, model, serial number, date of last maintenance, and department.

B. Request service on a specific unit.

C. Graph service history and cost of individual unit.

D. Correct or add data on an individual unit. Can adjust asset & equipment ID, department, maintenance cycle, monthly maintenance budget, lease rate, replacement cost, and notes.

E. Filter equipment list. Can narrow by any of the fields shown.

F. Print service history for the complete equipment list or filtered list.

G. Graph previous month activity for entire equipment list or filtered list.

H. Graph preventative maintenance activity for entire fleet or filtered list.

I. Graph service history and costs for entire fleet.

J. Download service history of the entire fleet to an Excel spreadsheet for offline analysis.
The Customer Service History system provides your company with the tools to efficiently manage your fleet maintenance and control your spending.  With Yes Equipment & Services, you’ll always know what your cost per hour of run time is for your equipment!
Contact us for a live demo or more info! 

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Online Fleet Management

Online Fleet Management Header

Do you know your forklift fleet’s true cost of ownership? Can you find the cost per hour per unit, anytime, anywhere?
You can with Yes Equipment & Services’ Online Fleet Management. We offer 3 systems to help you manage your fleet: 

  • Equipment Maintenance Reporting System
  • Open Invoice System
  • Wireless Equipment Management
These fleet management systems allow you to know your true cost of ownership and track your maintenance, equipment use, and invoices.

Major Features:LO_APP_MPR-VG_2566_02
All available 24/7 online.

  • Review open invoices and the service work orders associated with them.
  • Review equipment maintenance records.
  • View and create maintenance reports and analyze maintenance trends, from individual units through multiple locations.
  • Request service online.
  • Manage and analyze equipment usage.

Contact us to learn more:

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Lease Promotion Extended!

MX Hero Panel_1

Everything you need, nothing you don’t –The Yale® MX allows you to BREAK FREE from overspending on unnecessary features or sacrificing quality in the name of cost cutting. And now, the lease promotion has been extended through September 30th!

The competition is no match for the new Yale MX Series counterbalance sit down rider gas forklift, with 4,000 through 6,000 lbs. capacities.

• Use up to 14.4% less fuel than the competition
• Use up to 14.4% less fuel than the competition
• Move up to 2.9% more loads with the fastest mast lifting and lowering speeds
• Experience up to 20.4% more power with the rugged PSI engine
• Save up to $15,500 in periodic maintenance over 10,000 operation hours
• Save up to 12.3% on replacement parts
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And don’t just take our word for it. These results are all certified by a third party.
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Lease for $249/month for 63 months or $299/month for 39 months.
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Make Safety Happen

Safety in the warehouse doesn’t just happen, you have to make it happen. Practicing forklift safety best practices and proper operator training are critical elements to make safety happen.

Get training you can trust with forklift operator training with Yes Equipment.  Register today:
Operator Training

Yale lift trucks are designed to enhance safety by keeping operators more focused and on task. Learn more:


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Free Safety Poster!

Get your free safety poster today! Just fill out the form below.

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